lais2(g_original: object) → cdlib.classes.node_clustering.NodeClustering

LAIS2 is an overlapping community discovery algorithm based on the density function. In the algorithm considers the density of a group is defined as the average density of the communication exchanges between the actors of the group. LAIS2 IS composed of two procedures LA (Link Aggregate Algorithm) and IS2 (Iterative Scan Algorithm).

Supported Graph Types

Undirected Directed Weighted
Yes No No
Parameters:g_original – a networkx/igraph object
Returns:NodeClustering object
>>> from cdlib import algorithms
>>> import networkx as nx
>>> G = nx.karate_club_graph()
>>> com = algorithms.lais2(G)

Baumes, Jeffrey, Mark Goldberg, and Malik Magdon-Ismail. Efficient identification of overlapping communities. International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2005.