Functions to save/load cdlib communities to/from file.

CSV format

The easiest way to save the result of a community discovery algorithm is to organize it in a .csv file. The following methods allow you to read/write communities to/from CSV.

read_community_csv(path[, delimiter, ...])

Read community list from comma separated value (csv) file.

write_community_csv(communities, path[, ...])

Save community structure to comma separated value (csv) file.


CSV formatting allows only the saving/retrieving NodeClustering object to lose most of the metadata in the CD computation result - e.g., algorithm name, parameters, coverage…

JSON format

JSON format allows the storage/loading of community discovery algorithm results more comprehensively.

read_community_json(path[, compress])

Read community list from JSON file.

write_community_json(communities, path[, ...])

Generate a JSON representation of the clustering object


JSON formatting allows only saving/retrieving all kinds of Clustering objects and maintaining all their metadata - except for the graph object instance.