Visual Analytics

At the end of the analytical process is it often useful to visualize the obtained results. cdlib provides a few built-in facilities to ease such task.

Network Visualization

Visualizing a graph is always a good idea (if its size is reasonable).

plot_network_clusters(graph, partition, …) Plot a graph with node color coding for communities.
plot_community_graph(graph, partition, …) Plot a algorithms-graph with node color coding for communities.

Analytics plots

Community evaluation outputs can be easily used to generate a visual representation of the main partition characteristics.

plot_sim_matrix(clusterings, scoring, …) Plot a similarity matrix between a list of clusterings, using the provided scoring function.
plot_com_stat(com_clusters, com_fitness, …) Plot the distribution of a property among all communities for a clustering, or a list of clusterings (violin-plots)
plot_com_properties_relation(com_clusters, …) Plot the relation between two properties/fitness function of a clustering
plot_scoring(graphs, ref_partitions, …) Plot the scores obtained by a list of methods on a list of graphs.