Ensemble Methods

Methods to automate the execution of multiple instances of community detection algorithm(s).

Configuration Objects

Ranges can be specified to automate the execution of a same method while varying (part of) its inputs.

Parameter allows to specify ranges for numeric parameters, while BoolParamter for boolean ones.

Parameter(name, start, end, step)
BoolParameter(name, value)

Multiple Instantiation

Two scenarios often arise when applying community discovery algorithms to a graph:

  1. the need to compare the results obtained by a give algorithm while varying its parameters
  2. the need to compare the multiple algorithms

cdlib allows to do so by leveraging, respectively, grid_execution and pool.

grid_execution(graph, method, dict], …) Instantiate the specified community discovery method performing a grid search on the parameter set.
pool(graph, methods, dict], object], …) Execute on a pool of community discovery internal on the input graph.